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Alvina Kwong

I was born in Hawaii and moved to Southern California where I grew up and enjoyed the beautiful weather and art around me. I have loved drawing and painting since I could hold a pencil. I would carry my sketchbook everywhere I went so that I could draw everything in my imagination and everything around me. Capturing my imagination and the things around me was the only way I could bring my ideas to life and to take pictures around me. When I was young I didn't have a camera, so whenever I saw beautiful things, I would open my sketchbook and draw what I saw. I dreamed of being an artist, wanting to share my ideas with everyone, especially children. From that point on I focused on drawing and painting, and graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration. In my senior year, I entered my artwork to the Student Show and received 2 awards. 


Since then I have been featured in Artist's Magazine, Skipping Stones, Utah Valley Magazine, The Daily Herald, Big Bear Grizzly Newspaper, and Jackalope Art Fair.  I have also done work for New Moon Magazine, Ladybug Magazine, Core Knowledge, KRBY Creations LLC, The Friend Magazine, and many others.  Some new books that came out last year are "Brody Bear Goes Fishing", "The Giraffe that Ate the Moon", and "Rock a Bye Baby Hawaii". 


I am currently working on a secret fun book for a secret come back for an update on this new book coming soon!  My newest book that came just came out this year is called "Sand Mouse's Soup" by BeachHouse Publishing.  It's a delicious book that not only features a recipe, but teaches children about the spirit of Aloha while learning the days of the week.  Look out for it now at Artisans Etc!

Rock-A-Bye Baby
Momma Bear
bear lesson
honey bear
Ate the Moon
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