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Debra Saude

Debra is a California native, from Southern California, currently living in Apple Valley, CA. She has taken workshops from Professionals and Community College classes in Oil, Watercolor and Acrylic Painting, and has been painting for 10 years. Debra finds inspiration for her paintings from nature. Desert landscapes are a favorite since she has lived most of her life there, and knows that the desert has it's own special beauty.  Another favorite subject is a floral still life, painted in impressionism.

She has entered award winning paintings in the San Bernardino County Fair Fine Arts Exhibit, Associated Artists of the Inland Empire and Artists of the High Desert.

Debra was President of Artists of the High Desert, a nonprofit art club, for the 2017/2018 term and currently serves on the board as 3rd VP in charge of advertising. 

In 2019, Debra started her own business, "Art Inspired", where she offers Watercolor Paint Parties and sells her paintings and prints. 

Joshua Tree file for prints
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