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Gary Glibbery

Gary Glibbery was born in Surrey, England and moved to Southern California with his family when he was a child.  His creative passion began in grade school with scratch built models.  Years ago he began collecting vintage woodworking tools and was drawn to old school joinery. Working with exotic reclaimed and various types of wood and iron he creates one of a kind pieces that highlight the unique characteristics of the wood.  He also enjoys metal fabrication and inventing steam punk lighting as well as industrial pieces.  He's also known for his silhouette artwork that he does freehand on saw blades as well as vintage shovels and hand saws.He now lives in Twin Peaks with his wife and daughter.

Gary Glibbery - Artisan_edited
Gary Glibbery - Artisan
Gary Glibbery - Artisan-2
Gary Glibbery - Artisan-1

scroll down to see a video of Gary cutting a saw blade

Gary cutting a saw blade

Gary cutting a saw blade

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