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Gerard Herbert

I got introduced to photography at young age and discovered the power of a professional camera when I was in middle school. Being the student photographer for school events, sports games and anything needed to fill our yearbook, I quickly fell in love with the process. Before I started my freshman year, I got a small DSLR and quickly began developing my own style. Through years of trial and error, I taught myself how to use the camera to the fullest. Over this time I’ve found my home in Landscape photography.

Living in Orange California, puts me down the road from so many different landscapes to explore and capture. My love for adventure and being outdoors in these various landscapes brought me to this subject. When I was younger, I was always taking my camera on family vacations or short trips. I would try to capture anything that caught my eye. On repeat trips I’d find myself trying to repeat previous photos but to a higher degree. I still continue to retrace my steps to master old shots and refine my skills. Teaching myself how the camera worked and what photos work and which did not. Through that process, I’ve found that I love long exposure and panoramic photography.

Through college I worked fulltime in furniture sales to pay for my degree, and with any chance I got, I would be out exploring with my camera. For the longest time photography was just a hobby for me and I was the only one really enjoying my work, outside of friends and family. I’ve always wanted to show my work to others and have work in a gallery but never thought I could. Selling furniture to pay for school, I became more familiar to interior design and large-scale artwork and realized even more that I wanted to print my work on a large scale. Printing a few test photos on metal, I loved they way they came out and knew that I may just be able to get my work into a gallery. After longer than expected covid-19 delay, I’m happy to say that it finally happened here at Artisans! 

Photography for me is a way to capture a moment in time and to see it in a way that would not normally be seen or appreciated. This is why I love long exposures and panoramic photos. Both create a unique look and stand out, but each shows off the world around us in a way we typically would not see it. Landscape photography highlights the beautiful world around us and always reminds me to take time to appreciate it any chance I get.  

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