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Jillian O'Dwyer

I’ve always been a texture lover with clay being the perfect medium to express the patterns I create. From imprinting a hand carved stamp to the ability to orient those impressions around a three-dimensional form, it’s the perfect vehicle to encourage viewers to investigate all perspectives of my work.

My earliest texture experiments were pretty simplistic – a single pattern repeated over and over. Simplistic, but that’s when I became addicted creating vases of all sizes and descriptions. My love of texture has led me to setting up roadside to gather passerby’s shoe impressions to marathon sessions creating my own clay stamps from found objects.

My current work draws from my research into vintage and contemporary sewing patterns for the female figure. Both in the final form of each piece as well as in the texture patterns developed on them. I enjoy taking apart a pattern for interesting shapes.


Jillian is a ceramic artist who focuses mainly on creating hand built, functional pieces. Jillian is currently an instructor at AMOCA Ceramics Studio. Her work is exhibited at AMOCA’s Museum Store, Redlands Art Association, Riverside Art Museum’s Museum Store, Artisans Etc. in Big Bear and at various art fairs throughout Southern California.

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