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Michael Clark

Staring at a photo book by David Muench of American Southwest photos, I was hooked. I had to get out into the mountains and deserts of the Western US and take photos like his. I began with an early digital camera, but it took only 1 megabyte photos. I could not enlarge them much, but could place them on the web for others to enjoy. One photo I took of the Big Sur coastline had over a million web hits. With time, digital cameras improved and I could finally share my photos on a large scale. I have many large format photos on canvas, but recently discovered the medium of metal photography. Western scenics pop with color and clarity on the aluminum sheets that make them also very light. My favorite places for photography are the Colorado Rockies, Alabama Hills, Monument Valley, the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, and wherever the wildflowers and aspens blaze with bright colors. 

Princeville Sunrise
West Mitten
Gorman Pass
Crater Lake Maroon Bells_
Dream Lake
Maroon Bells Blacker
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