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Reggie Thompson

I have an Bachelor of Arts degree from Cal State Fullerton 1982. I also have a teaching credential in Special Education and a Master degree in Special Education and a doctorate in education. I have had watercolor paintings displayed in some shows in the past in San Bernardino. I also work in oil and acrylic. I have also been a sales representative for Talens, Canson, Arches, Liquitex, Fabriano, LeFranc and Bourgeois, and Morilla products. While as a representative, I had the pleasure to meet many artist in the country which provided many insights and inspirations. I want to give some credit to David Ramirez who provided me many personal insights and technical drawing instructions. I always admired his work and that he took personal interest in my art journey. Other artist who have influenced my work that I would like to mention are, Millard Sheets and Phil Dyke.

Summer Geraniums 18x24 Watercolor
Bodie Carpenter Shack 9x12  Watercolor
Bodie Bedroom Scene  18x24  Watercolor
Great Barrington Winter Scene  18x24  Watercolor
Balloon Festival  18x24  Watercolor
Bodie Wagon  18x24  Watercolor
Newport Beach Harbor  18x24  Watercolor
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