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Riley Vernon

Born in Los Angeles in 1994, Riley Vernon grew up with a strong drive to find his meaning in the arts. Throughout his educational upbringing, he sought to take part in every art curriculum that piqued his interests. Theater, Choir, Photography, Videography, Carpentry, Metalworking, Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, etc. Regardless of the medium, if there was a spark of curiosity or inspiration Riley was not timid to get his hands working and learn what he could.


Riley Vernon graduated in 2018 from the prestigious Fine Arts Program at California State University Long Beach. After graduation, Riley put his creative skills to work designing and building props at FlixFX in Hollywood as well as providing prop design, construction, and graphics for private clients.

With the onset of Covid, Riley moved to Big Bear where he had spent a great deal of his time while growing up. It is here that Riley rediscovered his love for fine arts along with love of the outdoors.

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