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Sebastien Montel

is an expressionist painter, blending figurative and abstract elements of painting into his own unique interpretation.

Born in Nice, France, Sébastien had a keen interest in sketching and drawing at an early age.  When a teenager, he took classes in painting and engraving. As an adult living in Paris, France he was mentored by Ousseynou Sarr, an internationally renown African painter from Senegal.

Sébastien has been influenced by early twentieth century artists of the Fauvism movement.  Malerisch brushstrokes and strong, bold color are representative features of many of Sebastien's artwork. 

Sébastien’s passion for painting stems from his interest in movement, color and human nature.  Many times black and white photography inspires his creation on canvas. 

Sébastien has studied the human psyche extensively and received a Ph.D. in Psychology at Université Paris Descartes in Paris, France. His academic training has served as a backdrop for his creativity and expression in art.

His paintings pose a slight rebellion to standard painting techniques, revealing a deep reflection of human sensibility, emotional expression and inner nature.        



Sébastien uses oil paint on linen canvas for his paintings. 

He has developed his own unique color scheme through a process of color blending until he achieves the desired color to capture just the right effect often giving the impression of uncontoured, unrestrained brushstrokes.

Sébastien continually explores new media for his paintings.  His recent works include engraving and oil paint on wood, with the goal of shaping movement in a more defined context.

Lakeview-2006 CaFE (1509x1920)
Cinque Terre-2015 CaFE
La Habana-2016 CaFE
Montel-woman-in-mirror-CaFE (2)
Mourning-2009 CaFE
Sunset at la Jolia-2015 CaFE
Tango II-2016 CaFE
Tango I-2016 CaFE
Dancers in Unisom
Provence II
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