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Colleen Sparlin

Colleen was born in Ohio but currently lives in Southern California. She grew up in a family of artists;  her father was a watercolor artist and her mother worked in oils and sculpture.  Growing up with art all around, she naturally developed a passion for art.  Her current works have an emphasis in texture, whether real or implied.
The mediums chosen reflect moods and inspirations.

Her training includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cal State University and a Masters of Fine Art from Boston University of Fine Arts.  She has given classes and/or demonstrations at the Artists of
the High Desert Association, High Desert Cultural Arts Foundation, Corona Art Association, and others.  Other memberships have included
the Scholastic Key Alliance, the National Art Education Association,Southern California Artist, Pomona Valley Art Association, and the National Art Honor Society.  She supports the arts as a local high school arts teacher instructing beginning classes to art honors classes.

She began winning awards early in my life, including the Scholastic Gold Key award for a wood block print. Since that time, she has won
awards at the Norco Western Regional Art Show, the American Association of University Women, county fairs, and various art competitions.  She will continue to be compelled to create and grow as
an artist.

IMG_0744 by the sea
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