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Anthony Drake

When I was a child our neighbors had a camera, I was fortunate enough to borrow, when we went on hikes and to the beach. This is where my passion for photography first started. 

I was a Division 1 Swimmer, which lead me to become a Lifeguard for Huntington State Beach in California. This allowed me to become comfortable in most ocean conditions and allowed me to get into position to take photos from the inside of waves. The salt air in the early mornings, while sitting in position waiting for a wave to crest over me is exhilarating. As a wave rolls over me, time seems to slow down but in actuality it only lasts a split second. The feeling of the cold ocean water, sea breeze, and the bright sun coming over the horizon warming my face, is where my love for shooting seascapes comes from.

I used to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night to go on walks. The world was so quiet during the late hours of the night, it felt so tranquil to me. I always found peace looking up at the stars and if I had any problems, they seemed so small in comparison to the universe. The longing for peace and quiet, while living in a bustling tourist beach city, has led me out to the most remote locations to gaze up at the night skies.

 I hope my images give you the same sense of peace and tranquility that I experience while capturing these images. I love being amongst nature and hope that over the coming years, I will be able to share with you the images, that I find awe-inspiring. 

blue typhoon
Aspin Glow
Aspin Groves
X Marks the Spot
Stars Turn to Water
Let It Burn
In a Galaxy far far Away
Winter in Yosemite
Wise One
Low tide
San Diego Skyline
You're out
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