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Bob Carlisle

Bob Carlisle was born in Steubenville Ohio.  His mother encouraged him to explore all avenues of art as a young boy. He credits his Uncle Russ, a professional photographer for leading the path towards photography. “I remember my Uncle placing a bird on top of my head” that creativity sparked an interest in Bob. He purchased his first camera; a Minolta SRT101 in the 70’s and continues to practice his craft with a Nikon D7100.

Trains and train rides have been a passion of Bob’s since his son, Preston, introduced him to the thrill of the rail. Father and son have enjoyed riding the Durango-Silverton Rail, Chama-New Mexico Narrow Gage, The Skunk Train and numerous Metro-Rail rides.

Bob has been a 35 year resident of Big Bear California. He has utilized his artistic skills professionally as a Graphic Designer and has been surveying and designing houses in the Southern California area for over 30 years. 

MDO Pan-18_tonemapped
MDO Pan-23
sparks lake pan-1
2011 vacation 775
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