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Shane Nichols

I was 8 years old when I started helping my grandfather develop film in the bathtub. It was my first introduction to photography and I was fascinated by the entire process. I toyed around

taking pictures of this and that until my fourteenth birthday, when my parents and grandparents surprised me with a Nikon. It was my first real camera and I was thrilled.

Once I got to high school, I was eager to choose photography as my elective. I enjoyed learning how to work the camera's manual settings and functions. I admired interesting and unique shots captured by skilled photographers and I wanted to figure out how to take pictures like theirs.

I fell in love with landscape photography. I truly enjoy developing what my eye has captured. I

look forward to the excitement of new locations and sights to explore and photograph. I continue to search for new challenges, like the night sky. I am learning how to capture more dynamic shots - lightening, movement, and energy.

The camera is my instrument, a tool that constantly amazes me. My wife and daughters are my support team and often the subjects of my photography. Together, they inspire me to travel and scout new locations to photograph.

I hope you enjoy my work.

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