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Pat Wiley

Fine Art in Watercolor and Oil


I was born in Port Gamble. Washington; it is a small town on the peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. I was raised on a 32 acre farm in Kingston not far from Port Gamble.


As a youngster I was always interested in art. I would spend as many hours as possible sketching and being on a farm I had plenty of subject matter. The old barn stocked with fresh hay, grandpa milking the cows while the cats lined up waiting for that squirt of milk. A multitude of chickens. pigs. dogs there were a Iot of subjects to consider.


At the age of 13 it was necessary to move to Seattle to complete my education.


In 1965 I settled in Los Angeles. For many years I worked at a day job and studied art in the evenings and attended workshops. In 1986 I was able to retire from my day job, which enabled me to concentrate on various mediums. The culmination of my pursuits coalesced when l studied floral, still life, landscape and seascapes in watercolor and oil.


I began working in oil in the early seventies, then expanded into painting on porcelain and eventually watercolor. I found the experience of working with these mediums have helped to develop my style of painting. One in which there is harmony of ideas. form and emotion in color.


Working in watercolor I use vivid colors in floral and still life.Working with water and color in which the movement and flow of all kinds of color coming together in harmony and accomplishing the task you had in mind is a wonderful sensation.


I now spend an equal amount of time painting in watercolor and oil. I will choose the medium of oil or watercolor to best fit the subject and the location I intend to paint.

Working alfresco (outside) is a wonderful experience in learning how to deal with the elements. The changing of light, wind, and infestation of insects has taught me to make instant decisions on the spot.


Over the years I have had many showings. As a result my paintings are hanging in numerous homes and establishments throughout California, Arizona and Washington State.

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