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Christine Zink

I am a Landscape Painter living in Big Bear. As an artist Plein Air painting allows me to showcase two of my greatest passions: my enthusiasm for being out in nature and capturing the beauty with my paintings.


I have loved to draw and create for as long as I can remember. I went to school to be a graphic artist. I worked as a line art Illustrator and graphic artist for many years. Eventually moving on to be an Ad Agency Account Executive working in Orange County agencies. 


My most pivotal moment as an artist came while taking my first Plein Aire painting class in Laguna Beach. I was thrilled and hooked on Plein Aire painting from then on. I moved to Big Bear Lake to be surrounded by the mountains and nature that I love. Looking back my career in art was always about making it for commercial categories. Whereas, now my focus is an appreciation of life, nature and transforming that excitement onto my canvas.

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