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Peter Vaice

Pete retired from an Engineering Career designing products for Commercial Airlines, Fighter-Pilots, Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers and many other projects. His experience trained him to look at objects in their three dimensions. This made Sculpture and Carving more appealing than other forms of Art.

Pete develops sculptures and carvings for his enjoyment and mental relaxation for over twenty five years. (It is hard to ponder engineering problems while keeping track of your fingers when working with razor sharp knives, chisels, power tools and chainsaws).

Growing up in the midwest, many hours were spent observing the abundant wildlife and waterfowl near his home. Since retirement, he enjoys working with wood fullfulling his desire to recall the wildlife he admired by sculpting or carving their likeness.

Pete is a resident of Big Bear Valley, a community elevated over 7000 feet up in California's San Bernardino Mountains. The National Forest surrounding Big Bear Valley is teeming with Birds and varied wildlife to both study and (the best part) to enjoy!

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