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Linda Bennett

 I do glass windchimes. Infused glass Christmas items.

I’ve always loved glass. And how the sunlight makes it shine. Years ago, I made stained glass windows. When I moved up to big bear realized you need a big room to make stage windows. So I paired back and just used up the rest of my Glass stock to make windchimes. Then I met a woman who did fuse glass. In my excitement, I bought a small kiln that I have on my front deck and in the summertime when the temperature is right, I make Christmas trees and little villages and other various things out of the fuse glass. Every now and then I get a wild hair and I flatten bottles and make them into , incense burners. My spare time I’m a musician I play the hammer dulcimer and the Nyckelharpa my friend. Holly and I are also known as the Time Travel Madams you’ll see us playing around the village on occasions 

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