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Tolley Marney

Tolley Marney is an authentic American Western artist. A retired cowboy, Marney lives on land nestled at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains near Palm Springs, California. Tolley's lifetime as a cowboy and farrier along with his technical expertise as a blacksmith inspires his singular artistic vision — of the New American West. 

A lifetime spent among horses and in the natural world infuses his work with soul. 

A self-taught artist, Tolley creates his sculptures combining methods of traditional blacksmithing techniques, modern metal working, and woodworking skills. Discarded horseshoes and other reclaimed steel transform under his hands into fluid and twisting lines and shapes that combine to form iconic images of the American West.

Marney’s sculptures have been featured in the periodicals: Southwest Art and Palm Springs Life. Marney won first prize in the New Jersey Equine Art Expo in 2003. 

Creation is the place where hope begins. Through art I find my humanity; a place of worship and reflection.

As windy days weather my life, I meet the world with apprehension. I embrace the outcome, knowing there will be another day to create my visions that lie within me. My journey is to embrace the outcome of my life.

Tolley Marney on Bucking Horse
Marney-chess set and table
Chess Queen Mama Bear Cubs_T_Marney
Raptor and Roses full view_Tolley_Marney
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