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Laura "Lou" Minuto

Laura Minuto’s passion for artistic endeavors began early in life, where she studied photography and music. Equally interested in athletics, Laura participated in many sports including equestrian pursuits. Her love of horses led her to adopt an Arabian gelding with an unusual back who needed a custom saddle.

Rather than hire someone to build his saddle, she instead began researching how she might make the saddle herself. She met with renowned saddle maker Gary McClintock of McClintock Saddleworks from San Diego County and learned how to design and build a saddle for her horse Charlie.

McClintock saddles are famous for Gary’s style of carving which feature intricate hand carved designs adorning sturdy and well-build leather pieces. She apprenticed for Gary for several years before moving to Catalina Island, where she then began building her own leather working shop from the ground up. Over time her artistic portfolio expanded into metalsmithing and jewelry making as well, originating from her desire to make custom belt buckles to go with her custom belts. 

Laura has a passion for building functional and wearable art. She thrives on the left-brain and right-brain balance of work that is both analytical as well as artistic. Her pieces are designed to be sturdy and practical, yet aesthetically pleasing. She enjoys making one-of-a-kind, high quality, and well-made items that will last a lifetime. Each piece is uniquely handcrafted in her studio in Fawnskin, CA, utilizing materials carefully selected and sourced in the USA wherever possible. Her work is intended to be worn and loved, to age and grow alongside the wearer. Jewelry and leatherwork is truly amazing in that with proper care, a well-made piece just gets better and better with time and experience, just like the person wearing it!

Leather Wallets Interior
Leather Wallets
Turquoise Moonstone Necklaces
Leather Bison Tote
Leather Mermaid Purse
Copper Silver Jewelry
Double Strand Pearl Necklace
Oak Leaf Belt
Octopus Purse
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