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John Schweisberger

I have loved photography, particularly landscapes, from a very young age. Growing up on an Illinois farm, the landscapes weren’t overly inspiring to a youngster more interested in baseball than corn fields. That began to change when I got my first “real” camera, a 35mm with a fixed lens, and learned rudimentary photographic techniques in my local 4-H club. When some of my early landscape efforts won the blue ribbon at the county fair as an 11-year-old, though, I was hooked. Even then, I loved finding unusual perspectives and compositions, even of seemingly ordinary items.

But photography remained a light hobby for most of my adult life as my consulting career took me around the world. As I approach retirement from my heavily left-brain career, I have begun to deepen my passion for right-brain creativity as I explore the varied landscapes of this great country. Perhaps because of the constant stress of my professional life, I seek images that convey serenity, tranquility and a sense of comfortable space. 

My goal is to use my lens to evoke these powerful but calming emotions, providing a pathway for the viewer to fill the scene with their own unique stories. I have always believed that the most important part of a camera aren’t the twelve inches behind it, but the twelve inches behind and below it. My hope is that my art touches you in that same place it touched me as I experienced it.

Wild River Sunrise
Swift River
Somesville Museum
Oxbow Bend
Mt Moran at June Lake
Chocorua Lilies
Ketch the Milky Way
Kport Lighthouse
Saco Lake
Belvidere Pond
Eagle Lake Sunrise
Mt Moran Sunset
Schwabacher Pond Tetons
Aspen Sky
Ring Tail Hawk on the Prowl
Angry Sea at Thunder Hole
Grand Teton Aspens
Lunar Eclipse Over Palos Verdes
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