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Anna Mendoza

Anna is a person of art. Her paintings are penetrated with music, poetry, grace, and humor. Anna has been painting her entire life.

She was born in Russia where she finished the Culture Academy as an instructor of choral conducting and choral disciplines in 1989. During the student conference, she was covering the topic "Čiurlionis as an Artist and Musician." This idea became the basis of her creativity. She loved teaching music and singing as well as learning painting.

Fifteen years ago when Anna and her son moved to the US, she began studying at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo and became a professional painter. Anna participated in International Art Festival in 2022 and got third place because of her works "The Ocean Shore" and "Japanese Motifs."

Anna has been teaching painting to kids and adults in the art school. Currently, she is giving private art lessons (using acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints as well as pencil and pastel) and music lessons (piano and vocal). She's also continuing to please us with her wonderful paintings.

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