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Marilyn Froggatt

Interpreting Light - Reflecting Beauty

As a painter Marilyn Froggatt covers the landscape from the Southern California deserts to the Pacific Northwest. She feels there is something unique in every scene she captures; even if it is the same location on a different day. She uses bold brush strokes to depict the sense of time, space and light.  She has studied painting with many talented master artists and appreciates all the work of the impressionists and realists. 


"I start every painting with a fresh and unknown subject. I begin making decisions immediately regarding the light and shadow, the color values and most importantly, the meaning of the composition. It is only after I am comfortable with my initial sketches that I put a brush to the canvas. I want my art to represent more than just being decorative or useful; instead, I want to record the feeling and emotion behind the subjects in the painting." 

Marilyn has developed her painting skills with the help of master painters Elaine Mathews, Terry Masters, John Budicin, J. Brad Holt, Mark Kerckhoff, Rick Delanty and Greg LaRock. She paints throughout the western United States. Froggatt has also carefully studied the work of many painters she admires: Auguste Renoir, John Singer Sargent, Guy Rose, Edgar Payne, Joaquin Sorolla, William Wendt, Kevin MacPherson and many more. She learns from their distinctive painting styles by concentrating on their compositional structures and color palettes they use so skillfully. 

7-28-19  Observatory in Big Bear  16 x 2
7-7-19  Blooming Ocotillo  18 x 24
6-15-19a March in Palm Springs 18 x 24
6-15-19  Andreas Trail Lagoon  24 x 30
4-21-19  Lake Hemet Easter Sunday  16 x
4-18-19  Andreas Trail Palms  30 x 24
4-15-19  Taking Photos of the Lupine  10
3-15-19   Lupine in Coachella Preserve
3-15-10  Palm Springs Wildflowers  11 x
1-3-19  Hidden Valley Joshua Tree III  3
2-10-19  Coachella Preserve   6 x 8
2-1-19  Box Canyon IV  18 x 24
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